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Solving the Assessment Puzzle, Revised Edition

Author: Carolyn Coil, Dodie Merritt

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ISBN: 9781760013875

No of Pages: 240

Publish date: 04/03/2015

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How, why and what we assess are some of the most pressing issues, questions and concerns in education today. Indeed, if assessment is the tail and curriculum the dog, we certainly often have a case of the tail wagging the dog! Many educators are deeply concerned about this issue yet feel lost or confused in the competing requirements, needs and demands they hear from students, parents, administrators, state and federal government, and the public at large.

This book is written for teachers, administrators and other practitioners who are not assessment experts but who need to know and understand the basics of assessment and what is being required of them.  In this book, the authors take a broad look at assessment and what it means for today’s educators. All facets of assessment, from assessment terminology to standardised tests, from portfolios to report cards, from rubrics to standards and benchmarks are considered.

This updated revised edition of the best-selling assessment book includes 100 rubrics, demonstrates how to use rubrics to assess standards and describes how to include Product Criteria Cards in complex rubrics. The expanded glossary includes 50 of the most important assessment terms, each explained in an understandable and user-friendly fashion.

Solving the Assessment Puzzle makes assessment worthwhile, providing valuable data and feedback for students, parents and teachers alike.