Solve Series C Teacher Guide

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Publish Date: 25 November 2013

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The Solve® Practice Series provides meaningful practice and reinforces the 16 fundamental concepts and skills introduced by the CAMS® Plus and STAMS® Plus Series, while providing deeper practice.

The Solve® teacher guide offers comprehensive support for each practice and review, and can assist teachers in checking student progressing, anticipating difficulties and providing effective remediation. An overview of each practice and review prepares teachers by identifying objectives, vocabulary and optional STAMS® Plus instruction, and facsimiles of the student book pages with correct answers function as a visual answer key.

Much like the STAMS® Plus teacher guide, for each part of the practice or review, common pitfalls for students are presented, helping teachers to pinpoint areas of difficulty, and instructional tips guide teachers to redirect students. The Solve® teacher guide also includes a reproducible individual tracking chart, to aid in assessing how well the student is progressing with their additional practice. Other features include:

  • At a glance – sums up the concept or skills students are practising
  • If – identifies a common pitfall that may be leading students to an incorrect answer
  • Then – recommends a quick instructional tip for addressing the error or misconception

Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS® Plus, STAMS® Plus and Solve® has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions. A grid listing these content descriptions and the relevant lessons they align to can be found on page 13 of the teacher guide.

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