Social, Emotional & Character Development (SECD) for Teachers, for Students and for Parents

Author: Ed Dunkelblau

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ISBN: 9781742398938

No of Pages: 8

Publish Date: 18 June 2014

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This guide is designed for teachers and other school professionals who agree that teaching students with strong moral lessons is just as important as covering other educational content. 

By doing some small things very often, educators can encourage students’ social, emotional and character development (SECD). This will then create a civil, caring and respectful school environment in which learning will flourish for even the most disadvantaged student.

SECD is about teaching, practising, modelling and encouraging essential personal life habits that are almost universally understood as making people good human beings. It is about learning with our heads, our hearts and our hands to be caring and civil, to make healthy decisions, to effectively problem solve, to be respectful and responsible, to be good citizens and to be empathetic and ethical individuals. In school environments, SECD takes many forms, including programs that specifically address safe and drug free schools, service learning, emotional literacy, bullying and violence prevention, the embracing of diversity and other similar initiatives.

This glossy, A4, full-colour resource is the perfect tool for educators who want to promote the growth of social, emotional and character development in their classroom.

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