Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom (DVD)

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Publish Date: 16 September 2016

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Do the grades we assign to students truly reflect the extent of their learning? Research on many of the assessment policies that teachers adopt shows that grades can actually prove detrimental to student motivation and achievement. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

In this video, author and educator Myron Dueck explains how assessment and grading policies can be tailored to focus on what really matters: student understanding of content.

You’ll visit a variety of secondary classrooms where teachers are using Dueck’s practical strategies to assess and grade smarter, not harder. Smarter thinking and planning are actually helping these teachers to diminish their workload.

In these classrooms, you’ll see that learning is more important than grades. Rather than grading every assignment regardless of its purpose, the teachers organise lessons according to learning goals and identify clear levels of performance to keep the focus on learning. You’ll also see that changing assessment and strategies can have a profound effect on the teacher and student dynamic and build positive relationships that are essential for learning. 

Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom shows how well-planned and well-executed assessment and grading policies can contribute to, rather than impede, student achievement.

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