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Super Spellers Starter Sets

Author: Mark Weakland

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ISBN: 9781760569471

No of Pages: 252

Publish date: 16/12/2019

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Because spelling is for reading, it is important to teach spelling, not merely assign it. With Super Spellers Starter Sets, you have everything you need to bring to life the wisdom of Super Spellers: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Spelling Instruction. Building on his research-based approach, Mark Weakland provides practical, hands-on tools to create spelling centres; teach spelling strategies that help children solve spelling challenges and introduce everything from short vowel patterns to multi-syllable Greek- and Latin-based words.

This teacher resource provides a wealth of material, all adaptable to match the needs of your students:

  • Seven spelling strategy lessons every student needs to know

  • More than 20 lessons for different grade levels

  • Pointers, differentiated word lists, sorting masters and correlating word ladders

  • Six must-have spelling centres for nurturing independent practice

  • A resource-rich appendix

With these resources, your students will notice and remember spelling patterns and words, and – most importantly – make connections between spelling and their reading and writing lives.