Teach Writing Well

How to Assess Writing, Invigorate Instruction, and Rethink Revision

By: Ruth Culham

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Publish Date: 18 October 2019

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Trait-based revision lies at the heart of this book as it’s been at the heart of Ruth’s career in writing instruction. Rethinking revision is what will ultimately help you to teach writing well. This book shows you how to assess and teach writing in a way that’s practical and doable – and best of all – you’ll see the results.

Part 1: Read the Writing walks you through the traits of writing and their key qualities, showing step by step how to read students’ writing and offer feedback that nudges them forward through the revision process. Chapters will help you address challenges students face within each mode of writing (narrative, expository, persuasive) and provide tools young writers can use to evaluate their own writing and make revision decisions accordingly.

Part 2: Teacher the Writer dives into instruction, offering specific guidance for how to use what you’ve learned from reading student writing to design lessons that scaffold students toward making their own craft decisions and revisions. In addition, there’s an entire chapter devoted to mentor texts that you can use to model traits and key qualities for your students.

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