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Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners

Author: Regie Routman

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ISBN: 9781760566753

No of Pages: 486

Publish date: 16/03/2018


How do we ensure that all students are engaged each day in meaningful,
challenging and joyful work and have equal opportunity to learn?

That is the central question Regie Routman addresses in Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence,
and Equity for
All Learners. Her
response is that such an outcome is only possible within a culture of
empowerment in which all students and teachers feel encouraged and supported to
let their voices be heard, explore their passions and interests, develop deep
knowledge, and become their fullest and truest selves.

Based on her ongoing teaching, leading and coaching in diverse
schools and districts, Regie offers K–12 teachers and leaders practical,
easy-to-implement tools to help students develop as self-determining readers,
writers and learners including:

  • Take Action sections with specific
    suggestions for authentically teaching, assessing and learning

  • Extensive research that is easily
    accessible and actionable

  • Personal stories that connect to literacy
    teaching and learning

  • Rich online resources including a
    comprehensive lesson plan, an easy-to-use study guide and more.

Literacy Essentials shows what’s possible when teachers and
schools raise expectations for all students and create an intellectual culture
based on trust, collaborative expertise and celebration of learners’ strengths.