Writing, Redefined

Broadening Our Ideas of What It Means to Compose

By: Shawna Coppola

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Publish Date: 05 October 2020

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When most of us think of writing we think of pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. Shawna Coppola would challenge us, however, to expand our thinking of writing to go beyond strictly alphabetic and consider alternative forms of composition when assigning writing to students.

Writing, redefined gives teachers the power to change what ‘counts’ as writing in schools and classrooms, opening the doorway to students who may not consider themselves to be writers, but should and can. Coppola offers alternative, engaging writing assignments that are visual, aural and multimodal that will involve all students, but specifically those:

  • who prefer to compose using a wider array of forms and modalities
  • for whom so-called ‘standard’ English is not the norm
  • who’ve been identified as dyslexic
  • whose cultural traditions lean heavily toward more aural forms of composition
  • who are typically considered ‘struggling’ writers.

Broadening our definition of writing opens up an enormous range of possibilities for composing for all students. Even teachers who might feel unprepared to embrace such a new approach will find Coppola’s specific suggestions and examples intriguing, perhaps irresistible.

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