Foundations and Models for Proficiency

The WRITE! series is a writing program with a basis in grammar, usage and mechanics.

This program gives students the tools they need to improve their writing skills.

Writing is a powerful instrument of thought. In the act of composing, writers learn about themselves and their world and communicate their insights to others. Writing confers the power to grow personally and to effect change in the world”

(NCTE 2008b).

Teach your students how to WRITE!

The WRITE! series is a research-based writing program with a foundation in grammar, usage and mechanics (GUM). Comprising eight books (Books A–H), the program gives primary and early high school students the tools they need to improve their writing skills and raise their scores on standardised tests such as NAPLAN. With WRITE!, you can

  • give instruction and practice on GUM skills
  • show students how to write to a rubric on demand
  • use writing activities based on models
  • teach students to use graphic organisers
  • encourage peer collaboration
  • provide selected-response questions and writing prompts in test-taking formats