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Classroom Resources

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The Friendly Schools classroom resources all use a strengths-based approach that focuses on what creates positive health, rather than emphasising risk factors or causes of ill-health. It is designed to address three key aspects of students’ school experiences shown to be related to improving social and emotional development:

  • Promoting positive peer relationships
  • Promoting positive teacher-child relationships
  • Explicit teaching related to emotions, social knowledge and social skills

These resources aim to develop students’ social and emotional competencies to enable them to: recognise and control their emotions, build positive relationships; show consideration for others, make thoughtful and sensible choices and cope successfully with difficult situations.


Classroom Resources for 4–11 year olds

The five social and emotional learning areas provide the framework for the explicit teaching of social and emotional skills in each classroom resource across ages 4 to 11. The sections are divided into the five key areas, which are each developed into a sequence of learning focus:

  • Key area 1: Self-awareness
  • Key area 2: Self-management
  • Key area 3: Social awareness
  • Key area 4: Relationship skills
  • Key area 5: Social decision-making


The Classroom Resource books all include overviews of the supporting evidence and information addressing:

  • Social and emotional learning
  • Bullying
  • Whole-school approach to reducing and preventing bullying


These sections are developed to provide common understandings and consistent language for the teachers who will be implementing the activities. Reading these sections and becoming familiar with the information available on the Friendly Schools Cyber Strong Website before implementing the classroom activities will provide staff with a sound understanding of the evidence and understandings behind the development of these resources.

Classroom Resources for 12–14 year olds

The Friendly Schools Classroom Resources for 12 to 14 year old students have been developed to assist school staff to respond proactively to the ever-evolving online world. This includes the place of social media, and the positive and negative behaviours it generates among young people, which impact both their learning and wellbeing.
These Classroom Resources have been found to be an effective way to provide a structured approach for embedding the social and emotional learning that underpins responsible use of technology at this level of development.


New Layout of the Classroom Resources

The revised edition of the Friendly Schools resources is based on the evidence and advice received directly from Australian schools who were already using the resources. In response to our latest feedback, the classroom resources are being offered in an alternative format. Resources can now be accessed as individual books for each year level and also include hard copies of the downloadable worksheets (where relevant) with the corresponding activity. A primary school set now consists of eight Classroom Resource books and a secondary set consists of three Classroom Resource Books.

Teachers are encouraged to teach from each of the social and emotional learning focus areas in the order presented, as each builds on the vocabulary, concepts and skills covered in preceding focus areas.

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