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Map the Gap - Friendly Schools Plus

"Map-the-Gap" - Friendly Schools Plus

Screening Tool


Friendly Schools Plus recognises schools are implementing many positive whole-school actions to improve students’ social and emotional development and to reduce bullying behaviours. However, school leadership teams often need help mapping strategies currently being implemented against a quality evidence-based framework to determine gaps and possible overlaps Friendly Schools Plus has developed a unique online Screening Tool to help schools determine what whole-school actions they are currently undertaking, and in what areas they need to take further or different action to achieve more positive student outcomes.


The whole-school practice Screening Tool (see Capacity Building Toolkit 1.1), encourages school staff to:

  • broadly assess the balance of health promoting school actions they are providing to students
  • build and reinforce their social and emotional learning and
  • reduce bullying behaviour.


A school profile is created based on this staff data identifying the school’s strengths and challenges.

More information can be found in the Evidence for Practice text.

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