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Teacher Resource Books - Friendly Schools Plus

Friendly Schools Plus

Whole-School Bullying Prevention through Social and Emotional Learning


Friendly Schools PLUS draws on 13 years of extensive and rigorous research by the Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) into best practice to build social skills and reduce bullying in school communities. The resource comprises over 75% new material than the original Friendly Schools Resource, presented in a blended online and print environment, and includes evidence from the latest cyberbullying research conducted by the CHPRC. The program provides schools with strategies and resources to achieve the vision and all nine elements of the newly-revised National Safe Schools Framework.

The Friendly Schools PLUS program links directly to the General Capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum under Personal and Social Capability. It is also based on 11 major research projects conducted since 1999 involving more than 27,000 Australian school-age students from pre-primary to Year 10, their teachers and families.

This research has focused critically on understanding student social and emotional learning seeking locally relevant and practical outcomes while informing national and international policy and practices. It is recognised nationally and internationally as a whole-school evidence-based program that can reduce bullying behaviour.


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