What is CARS & STARS Online?

CARS & STARS is a comprehensive reading program consisting of ten levels (P-H) that allows teachers to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies and improve literacy results. Teachers are able to provide differentiated instruction, create structure and continuity, facilitate instructional planning and make recordkeeping easier, all while teaching their children to read.

CARS & STARS Online takes the program into the digital realm with a particular focus on managing assessable data into relevant reports that can be stored, accessed and compared within the program itself. Teachers can access reports on individual students, as well as find correlations in a group of students or the entire class.

The expanded Teacher Portal provides multiple enhancements for teachers, based on extensive customer feedback. Teachers are able to closely monitor and track their students’ progress throughout, allowing ready, instant access to student’s assessment data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why use CARS & STARS Online?

For Schools and Homes

Monitor student growth in one click. Simplify the teaching process so you can focus on that really matters.

Placement Test

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your students, so we ensure every student gets off on the right foot by conducting placement tests. These placement tests indicate the skill level of each student, allowing the program to cater towards varying abilities. This challenges them enough to inspire growth whilst avoiding the overwhelming feeling that regularly discourages students from progressing.

Auto Marking

We know how valuable a teacher’s time is, so you’ll be able to focus on how to nurture the potential of your students instead of marking ticks and crosses all day. Our program is designed with an intricate algorithm that can mark your students’ work for you, giving instant feedback and rewards as students excel through our program.

Progress Mapping

Students can view ongoing, instantly updated progress charts while tracking their journey throughout the comprehension program. Previous assessments are listed underneath current progress, including reading level, completion date and assessment status.

Ability to Import Individuals and Classes

With CARS & STARS Online, users can create and update multiple teacher and student accounts at the same time. Simply download the ‘CSV file template’ (Excel), fill out the spreadsheet provided and upload your new data to CARS & STARS Online.

For Students

Help students to achieve better results with this powerful combination of assessment and instruction.

CARS & STARS Timeline

Illustrates each reading level program structure to ensure students have a solid understanding of each strategy before moving on to the next level. This timeline also helps the student to review their reading comprehension journey toward success.


Self-Assessment sections allow students to reflect on their work throughout Pre-test and Post test questions to encourage goal setting and reflection.

Personalised instruction

Upon completion of Pre-test diagnostics based on the student’s areas of greatest need, personalised online lessons will be automatically recommended for students to complete in order to remediate areas that require reinforcement.

Question Hints

Provide additional information for the student to complete the questions. These hints may give information about the questions themselves or direct students to find key information within the passage.

Strategy Essential Points

Derived from the Strategy Bookmarks, these serve as a helpful reminder about the strategy that students have learned in the lesson. The strategy essential points are also used to support the application of each strategy to year-level text.


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