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Extensions in Reading

Extension Exercises for CARS & STARS

(Levels A-H)


The Extensions in Reading books are for students looking for extra practice in the 12 reading and comprehension strategies. This series consists of eight levels (A-H) and apply and extend the 12 strategies taught in the CARS & STARS program.


Below are the 12 reading strategies and graphic organisers covered in the series:


• Finding main idea (main idea chart)

• Recalling facts and details (facts-and-details web)

• Understanding sequence (sequence chain)

• Recognising cause and effect (cause-and-effect flowchart)

• Comparing and contrasting (features chart)

• Making Predictions (prediction map)

• Finding word meaning in context (words-and-meaning chart)

• Drawing conclusions and making inferences (conclusions/inferences diagram)

• Distinguishing between fact and opinion (fact-and-opinion chart)

• Identifying author’s purpose (author’s purpose questionnaire)

• Interpreting fi gurative language (figurative language chart)

• Summarising (story map)


The books give step-by-step instruction and thorough practice to support students as they develop into strategic, thoughtful and confident readers and thinkers. They can be used alongside CARS & STARS for students that are excelling and want to develop deeper knowledge of the strategies or can be used as a stand-alone program. Each level comprises a student workbook, which covers all 12 strategies, and one teacher guide.


Contents of the Student Book

The Student Book contains twelve 10-page strategy lessons and one 5-page Review. Each strategy lesson has the following organisation:

• Learn About the Strategy

• Learn About a Graphic Organiser

• Learn About a Form of Writing

• Prepare for the Reading Selection and Learn Vocabulary

• Reading Selection

• Check your Understanding

• Extend Your Learning


Why use Extensions in Reading?

Watch students reach new heights using increasingly sophisticated elements:

• graphic organisers

• explicit instruction

• characteristics of literacy forms

• an enriched vocabulary

• longer reading passages in a range of genres

• paired passages

• writing and research projects


Research-based lessons ensure success with:

• rich nonfiction and fiction selections

• direct instruction, guided review, independent practice

• embedded test-taking practice

• theme based instruction


Lesson extensions engage students in writing, researching and cross-curricular activities.

Assess students’ progress with:

• Check Your Understanding in every lesson

• student self-assessment questions

• teacher assessment questions

• cumulative review lesson

• teacher-guided review and practice


Want more info?

Extensions in Reading Series Flyer

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If your students are struggling with a specific strategy, see Focus on Reading.