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CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool

CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool


CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool is an online portal that allows you to produce detailed reports of how your students and class progress using the CARS & STARS reading and comprehension program – and in half the time!

CARS & STARS Online automatically analyses both student performance and overall class performance per reading level, and displays individual strengths and weaknesses in the twelve reading strategies. As students complete lessons, teachers can input, track and analyse their results with CARS & STARS Online for detailed assessment and reports on every student in the classroom. View a demo of how to setup and use CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool.


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Why CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool?

A Holistic Approach - Make the most of the CARS & STARS series by using the results of the assessment portion in an effective way.

Get Results! - Know exactly which strategies your students are excelling at and which ones to focus on to take their reading to the next level.

Save time - Easily enter class test data and produce visual reports of individual and class progress within minutes.

Ensure Continuity - Retain student data over multiple levels and years, affording quantifiable data of student and school progress.

Work from Anywhere - Enjoy 24-hour/7-day online access to your class data.


How does it work?

Setup: A school account is created, and teacher and administrator sub accounts are set up. The teacher then uploads their class data to create their class.

CAMS & STAMS Online: Enter Student Data


Step 1:

Teachers enter student test results into CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool at the completion of each test. Submit.









CAMS & STAMS Online: Student Reports   


Step 2a:

View or print detailed individual student reports. Great for parent-teacher interviews to show student performance!


- Table with number of correct responses per strategy as a number and as a percentage

- Column graph showing student's level of mastery of each strategy

- Table showing which strategies students need more work on and which ones they are excelling in







CAMS & STAMS Online: Class Reports

Step 2b: View and print class reports. Great to show class progress, as well as to see which strategies still need more work and which have been mastered.


- Class summary of strategies (number and percentage of correct responses based on a class)

- Student summary of strategies from lessons 1-12

- Student summary of correctly answered lessons from 1-12

- Student summary as percentage from lessons 1-12

- Strategy summary column graph from lessons 1-12

Misplaced your printed reports? Just login to CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool to retrieve them!


Getting Started with CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool

Setting up your CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool profile is quick and easy to do! Rather than entering your student and teacher details manually one by one, Hawker Brownlow Education can mass import your teacher details (name, gender, class, password, email address) and student details (name, gender, email address, classroom, year level, teacher name) for you, so you can be up and running in no time! Simply fill out the template .csv file (emailed to you following receipt of order) with your school data and send it to hbe@carsandstars.com.au for upload. Once you are set up, HBE will notify you and you can begin entering your students’ CARS Plus test data. Simple and easy data keeping and reports are now available at your fingertips!



The minimum browser requirements for CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool are as follows:

Internet Explorer



18 or later


6.1 or later

Google Chrome

30 or later


JavaScript, Cookies Enabled

The recommended screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. CARS & STARS: Online Reporting Tool should be accessed through a non-restricted network.

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