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How it Works

Step 1: Placement


Placement Book

The CARS & STARS Plus program is based on reading comprehension ability, not year level. The Placement Book evaluations test individual student’s comprehension levels and place them in the correct CARS & STARS Plus level. More than one level may be represented within the same class. The program was designed with this in mind, making it possible to teach multiple levels within the one class.

Note: If a student is placed in level A in CARS Plus, they should also be placed in Level A in STARS Plus. See the STARS Plus Teacher Guide for more information.

Conducting the Placement Test:

The Placement Test is best conducted at either the end of the school year or at the beginning of the following year.


  • Choose a level with text appropriate to your student’s year level.
  • Have your student complete the chosen level placement test.
  • If a student gets fewer than 6 correct, have them take the placement test for the level below. If they get 11 or more correct, have them take the placement test for the level above. When your student achieves 6–10 correct, they are in the correct level. If in doubt, move students down a level.


Download the Placement Book

Do the Placement Book Online