CAMS & STAMS What’s New

What's New: The PLUS Series

CAMS Changes

CAMS & STAMS Plus is the updated version of CAMS, STAMS and CAMS II. There are now only two parts, CAMS (the assessment portion) and STAMS (the instruction portion). The benchmarking component, formerly CAMS II, has now been updated and included within the new, expanded CAMS Plus. There is also now a brand new book called Solve that is designed to be used as extra practice alongside STAMS instruction. See the Solve page for more information on this book.

Within the CAMS Plus book, tests are broken into 16 Pretests, 4 Benchmarks and 16 Post tests. As with STAMS Plus, CAMS Plus includes new concepts and skills. Books A–H include the Student Progress Chart, where students can optionally record their own level of mastery for the strategies covered.

STAMS Changes

The teacher guide changes consist of explicit detailed instruction that guides teachers through administering lessons to students. Lesson contents include:

1. Lesson Objectives
quickly identifies goals for students

2. Related Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions
identifies the content descriptions covered in the lesson

3. Prerequisites
lists the skills students should have already mastered to be successful in this lesson

4. Related STAMS Lessons
helps you differentiate instruction by listing precursor lessons students might need

5. Vocabulary
lists key maths terms from the lesson, with definition

6. Maths Background
helps teachers understand why the content of a particular lesson is important for students to learn

7. Interactive Whiteboard
makes every lesson a powerful and engaging visual experience for students and teachers alike

8. Reduced Student Pages
help you know exactly where your students are in a lesson

9. At a Glance
provides busy teachers with a snapshot of the important lesson elements

10. Tips
provide thoughtful ways to help students understand a concept

11. EAL/D Support
alerts you to words that might be making it harder for English as an Additional Language or Dialogue students to learn a skill

12. Error Alert
points out common errors students make that lead them to an incorrect answer

13. Additional Activity
references a specific activity that supports each lesson part. As well, there is a page of additional activities at the end of each lesson with five question activities: a hands-on activity; reteaching activity; vocabulary activity; real-world connection; school-home connection; and challenge activity.

14. Answer Analysis
explains why an answer is correct and also shows the types of errors students make that lead them to choose an incorrect answer

CAMS & STAMS Plus: Online Reporting Tool

CAMS & STAMS Plus: Online Reporting Tool is an online portal that allows you to produce detailed reports of how your students and class progress using the CAMS Plus & STAMS Plus mathematics program – and in half the time! It automatically analyses both student performance and overall class performance per maths level, and displays individual strengths and weaknesses in the maths strategies. As students complete lessons, teachers can input, track and analyse their results with CAMS & STAMS Online for detailed assessment and reports on every student in the classroom.