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Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success (STAMS)


(Levels A-H)

STAMS Plus Book

Provide struggling students with explicit instruction of the 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills - those topics identified as the most important instructional goals for each year level.


• Five-part lessons are highly visual, engaging and clearly presented.

• Three levels of scaffolding include: student support, student accountability then problem–solving experience with practice problems that increase in difficulty.

• Step-by-step support helps teachers easily differentiate instruction and minimise planning time.

• Modelling helps teachers introduce each skill simply and confidently.

• Useful tips and embedded professional development guide instruction.


Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - preview lessons or review previous lessons from any level and use manipulable models to enhance instruction. Works with STAMS Plus and Solve.


Click the Samples tab above to view sample pages from the STAMS Plus student book and teacher guide.