Extra Practice (Levels C–H)

Give students the additional practice they need to master the 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills. The Solve Practice Series focuses on both conceptual understanding and computational fluency. Each level includes:

  • a variety of multiple-choice, short-response and extended-response problems.
  • problems requiring increasing levels of higher-order thinking.
  • cumulative reviews that tie related concepts together.
  • supportive teacher guides, including answer analysis, making it easy to assign, correct and review.


Each level of the Solve Practice Series provides students with meaningful practice of 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills to reinforce conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, and help students achieve mathematical proficiency. Following classroom instruction on each concept or skill, assign the corresponding Solve practice for reinforcement.

Solve Student Books & Teacher Guides


Solve Student Book

Designed to motivate struggling students, each Solve practice clearly presents 20 engaging problems in a variety of formats. These carefully crafted problems develop students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Practices -
Each two-part Solve practice focuses on one concept or skill. Part one provides practice with the simpler aspect of the concept or skill, while part two provides practice with another more complex aspect of the same concept or skill to increase students’ depth of knowledge. Each part begins with an example, typical for the concept or skill, which provides a model for students as they solve the problems independently. As each part progresses, the problems become less scaffolded, more challenging and require higher levels of reasoning.

Reviews -
Following each group of four practices are two Solve reviews. Each 10-problem review provides mixed practice of the preceding four concepts or skills, including problems that require students to make connections between topics and apply multiple concepts and skills.

Solve Teacher Guide

Comprehensive support for each Solve practice or review helps teachers check student progress, anticipate difficulties and provide effective remediation.

  • An overview of each practice or review quickly prepares teachers by identifying objectives, vocabulary and optional STAMS Plus instruction.
  • Facsimiles of the student pages with correct answers noted are a visual answer key for each practice or review.
  • For each part of the practice or review, common pitfalls help teachers pinpoint student difficulties, and instructional tips guide teachers to redirect students.
  • Reproducible individual tracking chart helps teachers monitor student performance and make remediation decisions.

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons (IWB)

IWB lessons are available for each Solve practice in the student books. The IWB lessons offer students opportunities to question and explore mathematical concepts in greater depth.

  • IWB lessons can be used to review the concept or skill prior to assignment of each Solve practice.
  • Features, such as cloning and dragging objects, and whiteboard tools, such as highlighters, keep students actively engaged in learning.
  • Teacher notes help maximise the instructional impact, more fully preparing students to complete the related Solve practice independently.