CAMS & STAMS How It Works

How it Works

CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve is a comprehensive year-long program. CAMS is the assessment portion, STAMS is the instruction and Solve is extra practice. STAMS and Solve teacher guides provide links to interactive whiteboard lessons that accompany each lesson. CAMS Plus student assessment results can be entered on forms provided in teacher guides or in the CAMS & STAMS Online: Assessment & Reports software.

A unique blend of assessment and instruction, this powerful program teaches the fundamental maths skills students need to move on to the next year level and to become independent problem solvers.


The first step to using the program is to determine which level your students are on. You can do this by having them do a test from the Placement Booklet which you can download and print out. Levels correlate to year levels (A=Year 1–2, B=Year 2–3 and so on.)

How to do the Placement Test:

  • Beginning from Level A, have students complete the test for each level until they get 8–13 answers correct. When the student gets between 8–13 answers correct, they are on the right level.
  • Upon completion of the placement tests, order your CAMS & STAMS® Plus books for the levels identified.


A Note on Placement:

Once you have placed a student in their designated CAMS Plus level, they should remain on that level for the whole year. If you wish to provide additional practice for a particular lesson, assign the corresponding Solve level. However if the student is really struggling and it becomes clear after the CAMS pretest that they are on the wrong level, move them back and keep them there for the rest of the year. Once you know what level your students are on, purchase each one a CAMS Plus student book and a STAMS Plus student book for their correct level. You should have a CAMS Plus Teacher Guide and STAMS Plus Teacher Guide for each level of student you have.


Next, have your students complete the CAMS Plus pretest which tells you which concepts your students are struggling on and which ones they are doing well on. The CAMS Plus pretest consists of 16 pages of test items, with one page of five problems for each CAMS Plus lesson. Administer four tests for each lesson (taking around 30–40 minutes), completing the four lessons in five days, or as quickly as possible. After finishing each lesson, the teacher corrects the four tests with the student and shades in their progress chart. After finishing all four lessons, students complete the self-assessment.

STEP 3: Instruction – STAMS® Plus

Next, begin instruction with the STAMS books. See our STAMS page for more information on STAMS lessons. After every four lessons in the STAMS Student Book, administer a benchmark test (in the CAMS Student book) to see how your students are progressing.

STEP 4: Modelled Instruction – (IWB)

At the completion of the STAMS instruction, administer the post-test assessment in the CAMS Book (same format as the prestest) to see how your students have progressed!

Extra Help, More Practice

If your students are excelling, as per the program they do not move up a level. Give them Solve lessons to extend their learning. If you are still looking for more practice, you can use Extensions in Mathematics for more practice and to better develop their depth of understanding. If your students are struggling on a concept, they can work through Focus on Mathematics, an entire book (one for each level) dedicated to practising that one concept.