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Focus on Mathematics

Focused practice on the six core mathematics strategies (Levels A–H)

Raise understanding and achievement in maths!

FOCUS on Mathematics is a maths-strategy practice series that aids all students, including struggling students, to achieve mathematical success. Mastery of core maths strategies is a difficult task to fulfil because students must learn to identify and apply abstract maths concepts and strategies. The FOCUS on Mathematics series makes maths mastery attainable by providing semi-concrete tools for students to use in identifying more complex maths strategies. With repeated practice and exposure, students become confident in their ability to use strategies to solve maths problems. Based on well-researched teaching and learning strategies, using this series will mean that teachers are able to engage their students with an educationally sound mathematics-practice program.​​​​​​​

This 48-book research-based series covers six strategies

One per title – at each of the eight reading levels (A–H)


Building Number Sense


Using Geometry


Using Estimation


Determining Probability and Averages


Using Algebra


Interpreting Graphs and Charts

Each strategy consists of a student book, comprising 20 lessons, and one teacher’s guide, specifically designed to aid learning and understanding.

Focus on Mathematics Student Book

Focus on Mathematics Student Book

Focus on Mathematics Teacher Guide

Focus on Mathematics Teacher Guide

From Research to Application:

The FOCUS on Mathematics series provides repeated and focused practice of key maths strategies in the context of word problems. With more than 800 word problems in the series, students gain multiple opportunities to practise core maths concepts and strategies.

FOCUS on Mathematics is part of a focused curriculum series that allows for deep instruction and practice of specific maths concepts. The diagnosis of students’ mastery of maths skills and strategies begins with the Comprehensive Assessment of Maths Strategies Series (CAMS® Series). Explicit instruction of specific maths strategies occurs with the Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success Series (STAMS® Series). The FOCUS on Mathematics series provides repeated practice of maths strategies that are directly taught in the STAMS® Series.

Each Student Book Features:

  • Learn About – overview with instruction and modelling
  • Preview – guided practice with scaffolding, plus sample questions with correct and incorrect responses for discussion
  • 20 independent practice lessons
  • 5 self-assessments

This series is designed for flexibility and can be used at any time to provide concentrated practice in the targeted strategies either to an entire class or individual students.