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Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies (CAMS Plus)

Assessment - Identify student needs, monitor progress and assess mastery!

(Levels A-H)


CAMS Plus Book

Get the data you need to drive instruction! Use the CAMS Plus pretest, post test and benchmark tests to pinpoint student needs, monitor progress and assess mastery. Visit our downloads page or scroll down to view sample pages from the CAMS Plus student book and teacher guide.


Each CAMS level features 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills essential to students’ education.

16 Pretests establish levels of student mastery in 16 essential skills and concepts

• Measures student knowledge of maths concepts prior to STAMS Plus instruction.

• Helps teachers take a data-driven approach to planning lessons by pinpointing which of the 16 STAMS Plus lesson topics require most classroom attention.


4 Benchmark tests assess classroom progress throughout the year

• Benchmarks each test the same 16 STAMS Plus lesson topics as the pretests.  

• Allows individual and whole-class progress to be tracked and charted over the course of the school year.


16 Post tests demonstrate student mastery of essential topics following STAMS Plus instruction and SOLVE practice

• Demonstrates for teachers the effectiveness of the CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus and Solve Series in building student knowledge of the 16 key skills and concepts.  

• Intentifies areas of mathematical learning requiring extension or remediation.


Teacher Guide includes valuable assessment charts and resources

• Individual record sheets and performance graphs allow educators to use data to track the progress of each student, while class record sheets give a more general overview.  

• Provides a chart of relevant Australian Curriculum content descriptions and breaks down their applicability lesson by lesson.


Get Started: Learn How to Use CAMS & STAMS Plus then Download the free Placement Book!