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About the Program

CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve

(Levels A-H)


CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve is a powerful, integrated program that focuses specifically on the fundamental maths skills students must master. CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve works effectively as a program to ensure that your students gain a solid understanding of key mathematical concepts – ultimately helping them succeed on tests and become independent problem solvers.  


• Aligns to the Australian Curriculum 

• Reflects the focus and coherence of the curriculum standards 

• Ideal for students who need extra support to meet year–level maths requirements 

• Perfectly complements any other mathematical series 

• Includes interactive whiteboard (IWB) lessons for levels C-H


Designed to be used together, the pretests in CAMS Plus helps teachers to diagnose problem areas with their students, STAMS Plus assists teachers to teach those lesson topics lacking and then benchmarking tests and post tests in CAMS Plus are used to assess how goals are progressing and then to determine if goals have been achieved. Solve offers additional practice on each lesson topic and is great for homework or to give students who finish early.

Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve.


Click here for A Study of the Instructional Effectiveness of CAMS & STAMS.

Students are exposed to a range of sophisticated elements including graphic organisers, higher order thinking, varied text types and paired selections. Instruction is scaffolded in such a way that it enables students to progress from modelled and guided instruction to modelled and guided practice right through to independent practice.

CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve consists of eight levels (A-H) that allows you to identify and teach 16 fundamental skills and concepts:


16 Skills and Concepts