Brigance – Special Education – TSI


The BRIGANCE® Transition Skills Inventory (TSI) helps educators easily assess independent living, employment and additional post-secondary skills to support transition planning for middle-years and high-school students.

  • Determine the present level of performance in transition skills
  • Develop transition goals and objectives for IEPs
  • Assess a wide range of student abilities
  • Monitor and report progress toward transition goals
  • Deliver data-driven instruction with the BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities


The BRIGANCE Transition Skills Inventory (TSI) includes more than one hundred in-depth criterion-referenced assessments covering four important transition skill areas:

  • Academic Skills – supports planning for post-secondary education or training
  • Post-Secondary Opportunities – includes both employment and education/training
  • Independent Living – covers a wide range of topics, including food, clothing, housing and finance
  • Community Participation – includes how to interact with community resources, as well as skills related to good citizenship


Build transition skills with instructional activities aligned to the Transition Skills Inventory (TSI). The Transition Skills Activities provides lessons in key transition skill areas, including employment, independent living, community participation and additional post-secondary skills.

  • Each lesson encompasses several activities and modifications to support a range of student interests and activities
  • Activities address real-life experiences and support both classroom-based and community-based instruction
  • The Student Book provides opportunities for the student to apply what they have learned