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Build school readiness with these fun, easy-to-plan developmental activities!

The Brigance Readiness Activities Inventory offers over 300 developmentally appropriate activities covering a broad range of skills. The inventory includes learning objectives, sequences of skills and teaching strategies to support teachers of all levels.

Key Features:

  • Links assessment with instruction
  • Builds home-school connections through family letters and take-home learning plans and activities
  • Includes easily reproducible student activity pages

Readiness Activities

The Readiness Activities covers the following five domains:

  • Language Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development

Each skill section in the inventory (e.g. Number Concepts) includes more than a dozen fun and easy-to-plan activities as well as helpful instructional guidance and resources for that skill such as:

  • The Objective states the skill(s) to be taught.
  • The Domain states the domain name and the particular area of the domain on which the skill focuses.
  • The Rationale gives reasons why the skill is important.
  • Related Skills refer to similar or adjacent skills taught in other sections.
  • Sequence provides guidance for planning and sequencing effective instruction based on development.
  • Recommendations for Effective Teaching provides ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of the teaching activities.
  • Factors that Impact Development provides examples of behaviours or traits that a child may exhibit if he is experiencing difficulty learning a new skill.

Take-Home Activity Books

The BRIGANCE Take-Home Activity Books give families the opportunity to partner in their child's learning. Each booklet contains a "Dear Family" section explaining the skill the child is working on and what the parent can do to help the child learn this skill. The rest of the booklet contains activities for the child to work on along with tips to help the parent assist the child with the activities.

There are books for the following skills:

  • Brigance say my ABCs
    I am learning to say my ABCs
  • Brigance read my ABCs
    I am learning to read my ABCs
  • Brigance print information about me
    I am learning to print information about me
  • Brigance print my ABCs
    I am learning to print my ABCs
  • Brigance print my ABCs when someone says them
    I am learning to print my ABCs when someone says them
  • Brigance say numbers in order
    I am learning to say numbers in order
  • Brigance count things
    I am learning to count things
  • Brigance read numbers
    I am learning to read numbers
  • Brigance learning what numbers stand for
    I am learning what numbers stand for
  • Brigance write numbers in order
    I am learning to write numbers in order