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Help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school! The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Family of Products helps screen children, monitor progress, plan developmentally appropriate instruction and ensure that each child is prepared for Foundation year at school.

Brigance Early Childhood Screens

SCREENS III (Birth – 6 years)

The Screens provide quick, easy and accurate screening of skills that are critical predictors of school success, including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help and social-emotional skills – all in just 10–15 minutes per child.

  • Cut-off scores help determine which children may need a referral for special services
  • Easy to score – either by hand or with the Brigance® Online Management System
  • Results help identify developmentally appropriate assessment and instruction
  • Observation Forms help teachers record and organise important observations
  • Normed and standardised on a U.S. nationally representative sample
  • Highly sensitive and accurate

Brigance Early Childhood IED

INVENTORY OF EARLY DEVELOPMENT (IED) III (Birth – 7 years 11 months)

Easily monitor individual progress toward common early learning standards or foundations and plan developmentally appropriate, individualised instruction. The comprehensive, user-friendly BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Childhood Development III provides teachers with a flexible, valid and reliable ongoing assessment of school-readiness skills.

The IED III covers the following domains:

Physical Development (Preambulatory, Gross Motor and Fine Motor), Language Development (Receptive Language and Expressive Language), Literacy, Mathematics and Science, Daily Living, as well as Social and Emotional Development.

Brigance Readiness


  • Deliver developmentally approriate instruction
  • Link assessment with instruction
  • Cover a broad range of skills with over 300 activities
  • Build home-school connections through take-home activities

Brigance Early Childhood OMS


  • Track student progress and create reports that are easy to understand
  • Instantly generate goals and objectives to inform IEPs and target instruction for each student
  • Meet special education goals and requirements