BRIGANCE Early Childhood


Help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school! The BRIGANCE Early Childhood family of products helps screen children, monitor progress, plan developmentally-appropriate instruction and ensure that each child is prepared for their foundation year at school.

BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III

SCREENS III (birth – 6 years)

The Early Childhood Screens provide quick, easy and accurate screening of skills that are critical predictors of school success, including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help and social-emotional skills – all in just 10–15 minutes per child.

  • Cut-off scores help determine which children may need a referral for special services
  • Easy to score – either by hand or with the BRIGANCE Online Management System
  • Results help identify developmentally appropriate assessment and instruction
  • Observation forms help teachers record and organise important observations
  • Normed and standardised on a US nationally-representative sample
  • Highly sensitive and accurate
BRIGANCE Early Childhood IED III

INVENTORY OF EARLY DEVELOPMENT (IED) III (Birth – 7 years 11 months)

Easily monitor individual progress toward common early learning standards or foundations and plan developmentally appropriate, individualised instruction. The comprehensive, user-friendly BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Childhood Development III provides teachers with a flexible, valid and reliable ongoing assessment of school-readiness skills.

The IED III covers the following domains:

  • Physical Development (Preambulatory, Gross Motor and Fine Motor)
  • Language Development (Receptive Language and Expressive Language),
  • Literacy,
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Daily Living
  • Social and Emotional Development


  • Deliver developmentally-appropriate instruction
  • Link assessment with instruction
  • Cover a broad range of skills with over 300 activities
  • Build home-school connections through take-home activities
BRIGANCE Online Management System


  • Track student progress and create reports that are easy to understand
  • Instantly generate goals and objectives to inform IEPs and target instruction for each student
  • Meet special education goals and requirements