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Seen and Heard: Children's Rights in Early Childhood Education

Author: Ellen Lynn Hall , Jennifer Kofkin Rudkin

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ISBN: 9781743306604

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Publish date: 23/02/2015

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Knowing, really believing, that children have rights is a huge
responsibility. Understanding that all children have the same rights,
regardless of their circumstances at birth, is a point of crisis for us as
adults. Because if we really know this, what excuses can we possibly offer for
the disparity of circumstances for children around the world?

Using examples from a Reggio-inspired school with children from
ages 6 weeks to 6 years, the authors emphasise the importance of children’s
rights and our responsibility as adults to hear their voices. Seen and Heard summarises research and
theory pertaining to young children’s rights, and offers strategies educators
can use to ensure the inclusion of children’s perspectives in everyday
decisions. Real-life classroom vignettes illustrate how young children perceive
the idea of rights through observation and discussion. The authors’ work is
based on three essential ideas:

1. the
“one hundred languages” children use for exploring, discovering, constructing,
representing and conveying their ideas
2. the
“pedagogy of listening”, in which children and adults carefully attend to the
world and to one another
3. the
notion that all children have the right to participate in the communities in
which they reside.