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Science Passwords: Vocabulary for Science - Life Science (Teacher Guide)

Author: Barbara K Mindell

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ISBN: 9781741707892

No of Pages: 128

Publish date: 24/11/2008

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This book is designed to expand the scientific knowledge of students, and incorporates a Student Book, a CD-ROM and this invaluable Teacher Guide. Life Science examines the structure of living things, from cells to the skeleton, muscular, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, and life cycles, photosynthesis and respiration of plants. The Teacher Guide contains multi-step lesson plans, vocabulary teaching strategies, word cards with definitions, graphic organisers and a research summary. Students and teachers alike will enjoy these clear, comprehensive, easy-to-read and age-appropriate books - they will boost both the scientific and vocabulary knowledge of all students, and be of great use for teachers struggling to impart scientific concepts.