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Science Passwords: Vocabulary for Science - Earth Science (Student Book)

Author: Barbara K Mindell

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ISBN: 9781741707854

No of Pages: 112

Publish date: 24/11/2008

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Science Passwords: Vocabulary for Science - Earth Science is designed to expand the scientific knowledge of students, and incorporates a Student Book, a CD-ROM and Teacher Guide. The student book clearly explains such fascinating aspects of Earth Science as earthquakes, volcanoes, the structure of the earth, fossils, the weather and the solar system, with clear text structure and order, coherent writing and audience appropriateness. They include reading passages, activities, glossary, and Latin or Greek word roots, prefixes and suffixes. Students and teachers alike will enjoy these clear, comprehensive, easy-to-read and age-appropriate books - they will boost both the scientific and vocabulary knowledge of all students, and be of great use for teachers struggling to impart scientific concepts.