Science Fair Warm-Up, Teachers Guide

Learning the Practice of Scientists

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Even science fair enthusiasts may dread grappling with these two questions: 
1. How can you organize many students doing many different projects at the same time? 
2. How can you help students while giving them the freedom of choice and independence of thought that characterize genuine inquiry? 
Answer the questions—and face science fairs without fear—with help from the Science Fair Warm-Up series. 

The Science Fair Warm-Up series, which was originally designed as a three-year program for middle school students, now covers grades 5–12. The book for grades 5–8 introduces students to science fairs and invites them to investigate various scientific problems as they work on their projects. This book lays the foundation for the editions for grades 7–10 and 8–12, in which students encounter increasingly more challenging problems. Over the course of the series, the students are encouraged to become more independent. 

The series’ material—field tested over the course of six years with students at different levels—will help your students develop the inquiry skills to carry their projects through, whether they’re middle schoolers preparing for their first science fair or high schoolers ready for very challenging investigations. It aligns with national standards and the new Framework for K-12 Science Education. Science Fair Warm-Up uniquely provides an authentic picture of how scientists carry out research. 

To help you meet these teaching goals, this series is based on the constructivist view that makes students responsible for their own learning and will prepare both you and your students for science fair success. Even if you don't have a science fair in the future, the material can make your students more proficient with scientific research.

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