SCAMPER Revisited

From Imagery to Artefacts

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Creativity drives the economy in the 21st century. Skill training in certain areas isn’t as important as an intelligent person who can think in an unusual way. Creative thinking, therefore, is something that should be infused into every existing subject area at all year levels.

How do we teach creative thinking? SCAMPER, according to its creator Bob Eberle, is an engaging introduction to creative thinking. SCAMPER is an acronym, each letter referring to a different verb. These verbs are techniques to use to encourage creative thinking. When thinkers guide their thoughts using a certain technique they achieve a new outcome and/or idea. SCAMPER Revisited is modelled around these techniques:

Substitute Combine Adjust       Modify   Put to Another Use      Eliminate      Rearrange

Creative thinking is integrated into every learning area of the Australian Curriculum including the F–10 and the Senior Secondary curricula. Creative thinking is described in the Australian Curriculum as the ability to learn, generate and apply new ideas in specific contexts, see existing situations in a new way, identify alternate explanations and see or make new links that generate a positive outcome. The activities in SCAMPER Revisited are designed to push students to their creative limits, and help to lay the foundations for continued creative thinking throughout their schooling.

SCAMPER Revisited presents activities to practise each step in real world situations with familiar elements or objects, making it an ideal resource for the classroom.

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