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RtI for Gifted Students: A CEC-TAG Educational Resource

Author: Mary Ruth Coleman, Susan Johnsen

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ISBN: 9781760017057

No of Pages: 152

Publish date: 07/10/2015

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RtI for Gifted Students provides a comprehensive overview of
Response to Intervention (RtI) frameworks that include gifted students. RtI for Gifted Students focuses on the
topic of Response to Intervention, particularly ways of serving gifted learners
within the RtI process. In this book we have tried to balance theory, practice
and policy to present a well-rounded view of what we know and need to know
about the implication of RtI for gifted learners.

One of the books featured in the CEC-TAG Educational Resource
series, the book incorporates national, state and local RtI models and explains
how gifted learners can be included within these frameworks. Specific attention
is given to addressing the needs of students who are twice-exceptional and to
culturally responsive practices. The book is made up of eight chapters:

  • Response
    to Intervention for Gifted Learners

  • State
    RtI Models for Gifted Children

  • Remembering
    the Important of Potential: Tiers 1 and 2

  • Addressing
    the Needs of Students Who Are Twice-Exceptional

  • RtI
    for Gifted Students: Policy Implications

  • Challenges
    for Including Gifted Education Within an RtI Model

  • RtI
    Online Resources

The book concludes with ways of assessing a school’s RtI model and
challenges for using RtI in gifted education.