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A Companion Piece to a Framework for Understanding Poverty

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Rita F. Pierson has been a professional educator since 1972, serving in numerous roles. Working as a Licensed Professional Counselor, she also has experience as an elementary, junior high and special education teacher; counsellor; assistant principal; director and testing coordinator. Dr Pierson has an established record of successful educational leadership and management experience, particularly in curriculum and instructional development, community relations and personnel supervision. She developed a successful community involvement program for a large urban elementary school and organised an in-school crisis team for students in need of immediate intervention. 

An experience presenter, Dr Pierson has led more than 200 workshops for aha! Process since 1997, and has used her entertaining stories to aptly illustrate a number of key ideas from Dr Ruby Payne’s book A Framework for Understanding Poverty. This DVD presentation includes 8 modules, including:

Part One

Part Two

Module 1: Overview and Key Points

Module 4: Family Structure

Module 2: Resources for Success

Module 5: Hidden Rules Among Classes

Module 3: The Role of Language and story

Module 6: Discipline


Module 7: Building Relationships 


Module 9: Working With Parents

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