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09 Sep 2020

Gain the new skills (and confidence) you need to engage students in meaningful remote learning.

In the current climate, educators find themselves actively managing to bridge remote and in-person teaching environments while being prepared to pivot back to online learning at a moment’s notice. That means educators need access to the tools and resources today that will give you the confidence and skills to take on new and important challenges throughout this school year and the next.  

The Remote learning virtual institute will help you reach those goals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover specific steps every educator must take to ensure student equity in a remote learning environment.
  • Understand how to successfully implement a blended learning approach that includes both face-to-face and remote teaching time.
  • Learn how to use evidence – formative and summative assessments, surveys of teachers at previous year levels, etc. – to identify where to spend your instructional time.
  • Explore digital tools that help to successfully engage learners, whether they are working from home or in your classroom.
  • Acquire best practices for creating meaningful learning experiences for students with disabilities.
  • Explore unique strategies for differentiating instruction in a remote learning environment.

1 Day



10:00–11:00 am

Introduction and keynote

Gavin Grift
Five Ways to think your way through challenging times

11:00–11:15 am Break
11:15 am–12:00 pm Breakouts

Paul J Cancellieri
Using digital tools to create meaningful learning opportunities for students
Live chat facilitated by Sonya MacKenzie

William M Ferriter
Delivering content in a remote learning environment
Live chat facilitated by Gavin Grift

Amy Gluck
Meeting the needs of students with disabilities in a remote learning environment
Live chat facilitated by Dr Janelle Wills

Jacquie Heller
Supporting primary learners in a remote learning environment
Live chat facilitated by Janelle McGann

12:00–12:45 pm Break
12:45–1:30 pm Breakouts

Paul J Cancellieri
What does ‘meaningful feedback to students’ look like in a remote environment?
Live chat facilitated by Janelle McGann

Cassandra Erkens
Assessing mastery in a remote learning environment
Live chat facilitated by Gavin Grift

William M Ferriter
Differentiating learning in a remote learning environment
Live chat facilitated by Sonya Mackenzie

Chris Jakicic
Working with your collaborative team to identify essential standards
Live chat facilitated by Dr Janelle Wills

1:30–1:45 pm Break
1:45–2:30 pm


Paul J. Cancellieri and William M. Ferriter
Planning for uncertainty: How collaborative teams can ensure learning for all in hybrid environments

2:30–2:45 pm


2:45–3:30 pm

Panel Discussion

Presenters and teacher practitioners provide practical answers to your most pressing questions

All sessions are available to view for 30 days after the conclusion of the event.

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