Real-World Learning Framework for Secondary Schools

Digital Tools and Practical Strategies for Successful Implementation

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In Real-World Learning Framework for Secondary Schools: Digital Tools and Practical Strategies for Successful Implementation, Marge Maxwell, Rebecca Stobaugh, and Janet Lynne Tassel remind educators that, in order to foster authentic learning in the classroom, they must plan and support relevant learning experiences that allow students to exert creativity. The authors outline the Create Excellence Framework, which supports cognitive complexity, student engagement, and technology integration through real-world, project-based instruction in grades 6-12. This framework fosters deeper and self-directed learning and helps students find greater fulfilment in their learning, while also meeting the guidelines of curriculum standards.

Grades 6-12 teachers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators will:

  • Learn the components of the research-based Create Excellence Framework for lesson planning and how each connects to student content standards

  • Discover the five levels of real-world learning

  • Answer questions to consider in setting up the Create Excellence Framework for real-world learning

  • Consult real-world examples of Create Excellence Framework-applicable learning projects

  • Learn about many digital tools and resources to promote online projects that engage students

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