Designing and Using Essential Questions (Quick Reference Guide)

Author: Jay McTighe

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ISBN: 9781760568191

No of Pages: 8

Publish Date: 19 July 2018

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Essential questions (EQs) are an important part of effective curriculum design and are used to encourage higher-order thinking, engage learners in deepening their understanding of big ideas, and enable students to transfer concepts learned to new situations.

With this guide as a starting point, you will learn how EQs create a culture of inquiry that will benefit all students. Jay McTighe, one of the co-authors of Understanding by Design, provides practical guidance on how to:

  • develop EQs from standards and targeted understandings
  • implement EQs in the classroom
  • troubleshoot challenges faced when working with EQs.

Packed with tips and examples of content and process questions to use in the classroom, this guide is an essential resource for any teacher.

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