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Getting Started with Project Based Learning (Quick Reference Guide)

Author: John Larmer

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ISBN: 9781760568221

No of Pages: 8

Publish date: 18/07/2018

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In project-based learning (PBL), students work on an extended
project that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a
complex question. PBL unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students
and teachers. In this full-colour, laminated quick reference guide from PBL
expert John Larmer, teachers will find: 

  • seven reasons to use PBL

  • seven essential project design elements

  • five steps for designing a project

  • seven key project based teaching

Including types of projects, sample entry events for projects,
examples of what PBL is and what it is not, and tips for engaging students and
classroom management, this guide gives teachers everything they need to get
started with project based learning.

This quick
reference guide is designed to be used as a supplement for Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning: A Proven Approach to
Rigorous Classroom Instruction
(114017), assisting you in applying the
ideas presented in the text to a classroom setting.