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Close Reading Fundamentals Quick Reference Guide

Author: Diane Lapp, Maria C Grant, Kelly Johnson, Barbara Moss

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ISBN: 9781760568160

No of Pages: 8

Publish date: 02/11/2018

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experts Diane Lapp, Barbara Moss, Maria Grant and Kelly Johnson explain the
process and purpose of close reading and provide strategies, examples and
extension activities in this full-colour, laminated, eight-page quick reference
guide based on their books A Close Look at Close Reading, Grades K–5 and
A Close Look at Close Reading, Grades 6–12.

The authors
provide strategies for helping teachers use literary and informational texts
across the content areas to build students’ skills in comprehension,
communication and higher-order thinking. In addition to outlining the steps
involved in close reading such as annotating texts, this guide offers advice on
assessing how well students derive and create meaning from what they read. 

will learn the 10 steps for close reading instruction, how to assess close
reading and how to troubleshoot the process so that all students succeed with
this powerful tool for learning.