The Underachieving Gifted Child

Recognizing, Understanding, and Reversing Underachievement

By: Del Siegle

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ISBN: 9781760569303

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Publish Date: 13 December 2018

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Why are some gifted children willing to tackle new challenges whereas others seem insecure or uninterested? Why do some gifted students achieve while other become caught in a cycle of underachievement? Are there strategies teachers and parents can implement that promote an achievement-oriented attitude? The Underachieving Gifted Child: Recognizing, Understanding and Reversing Underachievement answers these important questions. Although there are many factors that contribute to achievement, achievement-oriented students exhibit four key traits: they believe that they have the skills to perform well, they expect that they can succeed, they believe what they are doing is meaningful, and they set realistic expectations and implement strategies to successfully complete their goals. This book offers specific strategies to help increase student achievement by improving students’ attitudes in these for important areas.

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Price A$37.95
ISBN 9781760569303
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