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Interactions in Ecology and Literature: Integrated Science and English Lessons for Advanced Learners in Years 2-5

Author: Tamra Stambaugh, Emily Mofield, Eric Fecht

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ISBN: 9781760567217

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Publish date: 30/05/2018

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Interactions in Ecology and Literature integrates ecology with the concepts of interactions and the reading of fictional and informational texts. This unit is aligned to the Australian Curriculum for both English and Science, and can be
used as part of a Year 2–3 gifted program or an in-depth unit for Years 4–5. Students will encounter questions such as “Should animals be kept in zoos?” and “Should humans intervene to control overpopulation of species?” They will examine relationships among living things and the environment as well as relationships between literary elements in texts through in-depth content, engaging activities and differentiated tasks.