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IIM: Teaching Research Skills in Grades K-12, Revised Edition

Author: Cindy Nottage, Virginia Morse

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ISBN: 9781760567200

No of Pages: 234

Publish date: 07/06/2018

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Take the fear and frustration out of research projects with IIM: Teaching Research Skills in Grades
K–12, Revised Edition
! With IIM, all your students will learn the lifelong
skills of research!

This multi-levelled book has everything you need to teach the 7 Steps
of IIM, including:

  • teacher directions for each step

  • reproducible student workpages for each

  • sample primary and secondary units

  • matching assessment forms.

IIM for Primary Students (F–2:
Group Basic Level)

Your students will learn the 7 Steps working as a group on one
class topic.

IIM for Elementary Students
(3–5: Independent Basic Level)

Your students will learn independent research skills working on
individual or small group topics from the class unit.

IIM for Middle School Students
(6–8: Independent Basic/Proficient Level)

Your students will become more competent with the basic skills and
begin the Proficient Level of IIM.

IIM for High School Students
(9–12: Independent Proficient Level)

Your students will conduct in-depth studies using the skills of
professional researchers that lead to research papers, performances and other
authentic products.