Teaching Graphic Novels in the Classroom

Building Literacy and Comprehension

By: Ryan Novak

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Publish Date: 11 September 2020

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Teaching graphic novels in the classroom describes different methods teachers may use to begin teaching graphic literature to new readers. The first chapter of the book is dedicated to the history of the medium and runs from the earliest days of comic books through the growing popularity of graphic novels. It includes profiles of early creators and the significance of certain moments throughout history that chart the evolution of graphic literature from superheroes to award-winning novels like Maus. Chapters 2–8 focus on different genres and include an analysis and lessons for 1–2 different novels, creator profiles, assignments, ways to incorporate different media in connection with each book, chapter summaries, discussion questions and essay topics. Chapter 9 is the culminating project for the book, allowing students to create their own graphic novel, with guidance from the writing process to creating the art.

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