Curriculum Planning and Instructional Design for Gifted Learners, 3rd Edition

By: Ariel Baska, Joyce VanTassel-Baska

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ISBN: 9781760941161

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Publish Date: 24 April 2020

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This book, in its third edition, provides practitioners at local and state levels a guide to designing curriculum for the gifted at any level of learning and in any subject area. It addresses the need to differentiate at all levels in the design process, from goals through assessment, and shows how to customise curriculum for advanced learners. Using national standards, such as the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, as the point of departure for design, the authors demonstrate how the differentiation process works and provide products to illustrate its application to curriculum in math, science, social studies and English-language arts. Special-needs gifted learners, such as those who are twice-exceptional, second-language learners, students from poverty and minority students are included as a group for further differentiation and customisation of curriculum and instruction. The book may also be used to provide a curriculum guide for teachers in a master’s program in gifted education or those taking endorsement classes.

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