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Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations: Cultivating the Art and Discipline

Author: Catherine Glaude

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ISBN: 9781742391786

Publish date: 25/11/2011

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Collegial conversations focused on improving student learning may be the most powerful professional development an educator will experience. Yet how do you foster a culture for these conversations while supporting individuals as they develop their skills in learning from colleagues? This resource book offers a variety of protocols to help teams work together productively.

Protocols play a vital role in helping educators have professional learning conversations that lead to improved student learning. Protocols provide guidelines for safely challenging assumptions, building common language, and giving and receiving feedback on educational practices.

Explore a variety of protocols designed to create a culture that encourages productive conversations between and among teachers and administrators. Twenty-eight sample protocols guide educators through a variety of situations. The author acknowledges the sensitive nature of these conversations and outlines sample ground rules for conducting learning conversations, providing feedback, and receiving feedback. These protocols navigate conversations in a way that ensures all parties play an active role in improving student achievement, teacher effectiveness and assessment methods.