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PLC at Work Professional Learning Services

Developing a collaborative PLC culture is the foundation for creating high-performing schools. Draw on the knowledge and experience of our certified experts and authors to help transform your school into a highly effective Professional Learning Community. We offer a range of tailored support services for schools, no matter where you are on your PLC journey.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Our tailored professional learning services are suitable for all schools, no matter whether you're just starting out on your exploration of topics, or looking to refine and expand your knowledge and skills. Take a look at our various levels below to choose the one best suited to your school's current position.

Your team is ready to focus on PLC at Work and start building your expertise.

You are ready to deepen your expertise in your journey with PLC at Work.

Your high-functioning team wants to sustain its expertise in PLC at Work.

Level 1: Foundations (1-day workshops and events)


Hawker Brownlow Education can build a tailored workshop to meet the individual needs of schools and systems. The content of these sessions draw on, and unpack, key aspects of the PLC at Work® process as outlined in the foundational text Learning By Doing. These workshops bring a certified associate to your school or system to focus on the why, what or how of the PLC process and are suitable for schools or systems at any stage of the PLC journey.

In-School Support

Finding it difficult to move to the next stage of a high-performing PLC? Need to reinvigorate your efforts? In-school support provides schools with certified training associates who can facilitate high levels of dialogue with your teams to clarify, analyse and plan how your school will achieve its goals and priorities. This support includes personalised online coaching and mentoring to guide your school forward on its PLC at Work® journey.


Engage in 90-minute online webinars presented by national and international PLC authors, as well as other experts in the field. Develop your insights on school improvement efforts, including what to be aware of and what to avoid in order to ensure the PLC process works for you. Webinars can be tailored to your school or system's needs with specific questions and content as required.


Engage and inspire educational leaders by utilising the expertise of our associates. Keynotes can focus on one or more themes from the work of PLC at Work as a springboard to further learning.

Level 2: Building (2–4 day events and in-school activities)

PLC at Work® Progress Reports

A PLC Progress Report is the culmination of a thorough analysis undertaken by one of our trained PLC associates to assist you in evaluating current practices and identifying improvement strategies.

Our PLC associates have been carefully selected based on their expertise in the practices of PLCs and their success in implementing those practices in the real world of schools.

During this process, the PLC associate will:

  1. Contact your school to gain a deeper understanding of your context and PLC-related initiatives
  2. Gather and examine artefacts and products created by educators in your school
  3. Review school data on student achievement, engagement, attendance, discipline and demographics
  4. Produce a report that includes an introduction, commendations, recommendations, observations and a conclusion that promotes a plan for action

PLC at Work® Online Critical Friend

Are you seeking advice and mentoring on how to build a culture where learning, collaboration and results sit at the core of your work? Do you want to achieve coherence and clarity throughout your school to sustain a schoolwide focus on continuous improvement through the PLC concept? A PLC Online Critical Friend will utilise the criteria of the three big ideas to align school reform with targeted and specific feedback. Our critical friends’ focus is to assist systems, schools and staff in embedding the concepts of a PLC through evaluative feedback and opportunities for growth.

In-School Support (2 or more days)

Take advantage of our certified experts and bring them to your school for two or more days of in-school support. In-school support provides schools with training associates who can facilitate high levels of dialogue with your teams to clarify, analyse and plan how your school will achieve its goals and priorities. This support includes personalised online coaching and mentoring to guide your school forward on its PLC at Work® journey.

Level 3: In-Depth (Academies and more)

PLC Network Schools Program

The PLC Network Schools Program is designed for a network of schools (minimum of 5 schools) that are committed to working together to support each other with the implementation and development of a Professional Learning Community. A central aim is to accelerate the rate of change in re-culturing the school and network as a Professional Learning Community. The program is underpinned by an Action Learning approach to support schools through four key processes:

Think > Plan > Act > Reflect

The program includes spans a 6-month period and includes:

  • PLC at Work® Forum Days with the leadership team from each school (2 days)
  • In-school Coaching Support Days for each school (2 days)
  • A set of PLC at Work® resources for each school

PLC at Work® Leadership Academy

With six days of learning spread across 6 to 9 months, the PLC Leadership Academy is designed to develop the internal capacity for implementing and sustaining a PLC at a school, network or system level. This program includes:

  • 6-day PLC leadership PD
  • Ongoing online support
  • Action learning approach

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