Differentiated Instruction

Successfully respond to the needs of all learners

Develop an effective framework for diverse classrooms

Students are becoming more academically and culturally diverse, making it more important than ever to shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning. Differentiated instruction will help you create truly effective, brain-friendly classrooms for all learners.

Differentiated instruction is an approach to teaching that advocates active planning for and attention to student differences in classrooms. Our certified experts and authors will help you translate the research of Dr Carol Ann Tomlinson into practice and implement strategies that cater to the different ways that students learn.

Why Differentiated Instruction?

Our Differentiated Instruction services can help educators to:

  • develop a framework for thinking about quality Differentiation
  • increase understanding of quality classroom practice regarding learning environment, curriculum, formative assessment, instruction and classroom management
  • increase competence and confidence in planning for Differentiation
  • create pre- or formative assessments that align with learning goals.

Ready to start implementing differentiation? Take the first step by downloading the introduction to Differentiation and the Brain.

Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, Second Edition

Differentiation and the Brain

How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, Second Edition

Authors David A. Sousa and Carol Ann Tomlinson examine the basic principles of differentiation in light of what the current research on educational neuroscience reveals. This research offers information and insights that can help educators decide whether certain curricular, instructional and assessment choices are likely to be more effective than others.

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