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Poster: The Thinking School Tool: TPSS

Author: Ralph Pirozzo

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Publish date: 27/11/2013

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These colourful, educational posters can be used in conjunction with Ralph Pirozzo’s book The Thinking School (HB7658).

The TPSS poster builds on the concept of TPS (Think, pair, share). TPS is a great cooperative learning strategy as it invites a group of two students to: Think about the topic, issue or problem being investigated. Pair with another student. Share knowledge about the topic, issue or problem being investigated.TPS can become difficult if one of the students is reluctant to engage in a conversation or if they have little knowledge or interest in the topic, issue or problem being discussed. This is where TPSS has proven to be useful. So how can we use TPSS? TPSS stands for:

  • Think

  • Pair

  • Share

  • Square (meaning four students are now involved)

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