The Thinking Classroom Level 3

By: Ralph Pirozzo

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Publish Date: 24 July 2013

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Engage your students like never before with this full-colour, glossy poster detailing Ralph Pirozzo’s The Thinking Classroom, Level 3. Featuring both High-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Lower-Order Thinking Skills (LOTS), this poster makes it easy for students to interpret the six levels of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy found in Pirozzo’s work: 

  • Knowing,
  • Understanding,
  • Applying,
  • Analysing,
  • Creating, and
  • Evaluating.

The Thinking Classroom, Level 3 also includes lists of verbs, questions, activities and thinking tools for each level of thinking, all designed to spark students’ creativity and desire to learn. This A3 poster is perfect for displaying in the office, classroom or corridor.

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