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Poor Students, Richer Teaching: Mindsets That Raise Student Achievement

Author: Eric Jensen

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ISBN: 9781760561444

No of Pages: 202

Publish date: 24/05/2017

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Poor Students, Richer Mindsets
That Raise Student Achievement
presents effective, research-based instructional strategies
to ensure all students, regardless of circumstance, graduate ready for life
after secondary school. This thorough resource examines the power of mindset as
an instrument for change and details the necessary, but difficult, work
essential to positively affecting students from poverty. Author Eric Jensen
presents three powerful mindsets to raise student achievement: (1) the positivity
mindset, (2) the enrichment mindset and (3) the graduation mindset.

With this book, F–12 teachers will

  • understand the urgency in
    regard to addressing poverty

  • gain three fresh mindsets to
    raise student achievement

  • strengthen students’ – and
    their own – attitudes on academic optimism

  • build students’ cognitive capacity

  • equip students with the skills
    to be ready for life after secondary school

  • design effective lessons using
    strategic lesson-planning tools.