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Philosophy for Kids: Forty Fun Questions That Help You Wonder ... About Everything!

Author: David White

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ISBN: 9781760019402

No of Pages: 190

Publish date: 24/03/2016

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"What does it mean to be fair?"
"How do you know who your friends are?" "What is time?" "Are you the same
person you were five years ago?" "Can something logical ever not make sense?" If you have ever wondered about questions like these, you are well on your way
to becoming a philosopher!

Philosophy for Kids offers young people (from age ten up) the opportunity to become
acquainted with the wonders of philosophy. Forty questions - arranged under
Values, Knowledge, Reality and Critical Thinking - invite kids to think about
questions that philosophers have been discussing since the time of the ancient
Greeks. Each question includes a fun activity that allows kids to increase
their understanding of philosophical concepts and issues and enjoy themselves
at the same time.

This exciting book is

  • designed for kids to use on their own or
    with teachers in a classroom

  • written by a university teacher of
    philosophy who has been teaching philosophy to kids for decades

  • full of teaching tips on every question

  • accompanied by suggestions for further

  • concluded with a comprehensive and helpful
    glossary of philosophical terms

Philosophy for Kids will open a new and wonderful world of
ideas to kids - young and old.